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sierrawyndsong's Journal

Sierra Wyndsong
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I am boring. Read the first entry. I'd like to say that there is more to me than meets the eye, but my best thing is my writing. I like to think that I produce some fairly thought provoking stuff but really sometimes it's just ranting. But hey, the world sits and spins on ranting! Beware: I am neither liberal nor conservative = more of a Constitutionalist - I tend to examine a particular issue and then decide what I think is the appropriate stance for myself based on research and thought. That said, I could give a fuck and two shits whether anyone agrees with me or likes what I have to say. Hopefully anything I write at least provokes people to think and reasonable and intelligent discussions are welcome and encouraged. However, SHOULD anyone decide to pick a flaming war on this journal, they should be prepared to bring their A-game.