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Read L.A. Banks - she is magnificent!

I have a difficult time reading about how there is so much failure in the SciFi genre when someone like L.A. Banks has written so many excellent novels. And achieved quite a lot for a female writer, a writer of color, whose main character is a female of color, who fights vampires. I have no patience for people who continue to give press and float names of writers who have "failed" and  someone like L.A. Banks  gets nary a mention anywhere that I have seen on any of the rec lists floating around. What a huge failure on the part of SciFi readers and bloggers. So, I am challenging people to actually read someone who is out there making it happen, rather than just sitting around whining about it. She gets it done, ladies and gentlemen. Have a nice day! And in case you don't know who I am talking about :
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