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Writer's Block: Peevish

Too many LJers to list have submitted this question—what is your biggest pet peeve?
I really hate it when people only hear part of what someone is saying or they only read part of what has been written and then they work off of the half-piece of information. And so things get taken out of context and misunderstood. Many misunderstandings often arise simply because people don't listen to everything that's being said, rather than just waiting for their turn to speak. Too many hurt feelings result in someone taking part of a quote, reprinting it and then adding their own interpretation of that half-quote, rather than dealing with the entire quote and the actual context of the conversation or situation. Overall, I would say that alot of the things we get angry about are based on simple misunderstanding over misinformation or misinterpretation. Suddenly barricades of self-defensiveness arise on both sides and then nothing ever gets resolved or really understood. But then, sometimes, I think people like to do it on purpose just so that they can spark a debate on a topic or get someone behind their notion of a particular topic. In the end, everyone on both sides ends up being villified and crucified for their comments or beliefs, rather than everyone trying to be tolerant, understanding and work from an educational standpoint. I wish everyone would just learn to respect everyone, treat everyone with equal parts of dignity, and work from a standpoint of trying to better themselves as well as helping others to learn. But it's a difficult challenge. Mostly, people only see and hear what they want to hear or what they are expecting to see and hear, rather than dealing with each situation on its own merits. And that is why we end up at too many stalemates and impasses. And we never move forward when that happens. 
Tags: etiquette, pet peeves, writer's block

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