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More Suckage, Please

Top Ten People I find More Distasteful Than A Public Breastfeeding Mother:

1. Any starlet ala Rose McGowan in THAT red carpet dress - ya know, where anything and everything is open for public display. But hey, I suppose as long as it's all about FORM over function, then it is all good, no? This also includes anyone who thinks they need to dress and/or act like Britney Spears in public.

2. Any potbellied, pale as a cavefish, bear-guy who thinks going shirtless is a good way to get a tan. If your boobs are bigger than said breastfeeding mother, go to a tanning salon.

3. Any asscrack who smokes in a public area and then blows smoke toward people. Second-hand smoke kills, y'all. Breastfeeding does NOT.

4. Any thoughtless person who uses vulgar, derogatory, profane, racist, etc comments in front of my young child who is learning to talk. But apparently laws against use of vulgar language aren't really enforced so much because of people bitching about their First Amendment rights, so I get the privilege of trying to get my daughter to unlearn any word she picks up from Best Buy or Barnes and Noble. Apparently, I should just NOT take my daughter out in public rather than expecting people to behave in a reasonable, discreet and respectful fashion. 

5. Any homosexual who calls me a BREEDER again in public and accuses me of contributing to overpopulation. While at the same time asking me to support same-sex marriage. Really. Way to get people to support your cause, asshat. I already supported a more open marriage policy, but thanks for making me feel the incredible urge to bitchslap you silly. 

6. Any douchetastic scuzz who sneezes, coughes or barfs near me or my daughter, thus infecting us with who knows what just because they couldn't be bothered to stay a reasonable distance away from well people who might not WANT to be the recipient of the flu, sniffles, cold, stomach virus, etc. This also includes the crazy people who have boundary and BODY ODOR issues but lack a keen understanding of personal boundary space. Unless you are my husband stay back the requisite 12 inches of personal space that is socially acceptable. (Believe it or not, some places have it as law that at least 6 inches is considered the standard in personal boundary space.)

7. Any drunk person who cannot contain their bodily fluids known as vomit, spit, piss or shit - whether on public sidewalks, parking lots  or bushes in the park. People can see you. And no, Mardi Gras is NOT a reason to be public with the fluids. Why is this acceptable but a breastfeeding mother who got caught too long at the mall trying to shop for a father's day present is a villain because she needs to feed her kid?

8. Any filthy restroom and the angry barely above minimum wage worker who couldn't be bothered to do their job so that I don't have to figure out how to hover like a UFO over Area 51. 

9. Any pilot who drinks on the job, rude flight attendant, loud talker, sick person, or other person who can't be bothered to conduct themselves reasonably or in a respectful manner to others. However, clearly these people rate above small scared children and breastfeeding mothers.

10. Any jackaninny who can't stop talking to other people or on their cell phone during a movie. That includes the asscrack who not only answered his phone but decided to start eating a fresh apple at the same time during Return of the King (Dude, putting your coat over your head also did no favors to the person sitting behind you). And the woman who fell asleep and started snoring behind me during the Hulk. And the idiots who decide the darkened theatre is THE place for sexual antics.  

I am sure that there are a host of other people who do or say things in public who deserve to be escorted out of the public place they are in for rude behavior or inappropriate conduct much more so than some breastfeeding mother who is just trying to do the best for her baby. 

Why don't these women have rights, too? I don't know maybe it's just a privilege? Perhaps, just maybe, if we had more mothers who made the right choices for their children, despite personal discomfort, we wouldn't have the top ten list of asshats previously mentioned. It seems to me that a little reasonable, respectful and compassionate understanding is needed when dealing with breastfeeding mothers.

Otherwise, I think we should start rethinking how other people are allowed to dress, talk, walk or act.
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