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Of Looks and Laughs

WTF Kitty
Apparently my child is a heathen miscreant who already has a look and a laugh that is guaranteed to offend.

She's 3.

Perhaps the tumbling instructor should leave her real life stress and hang-ups at the door and not expect so much validation from a small child who is plodding her way through a new activity while making new friends and learning the ropes of formalized classroom instruction.

But I have apparently taught her to be disrespectful. Despite her saying please, thank-you, ma'am and sir. Without prodding. Or reminding. 

That doesn't matter. 

Her laughter and misunderstanding of the situation is apparently disrespectful. Instead of, you know, it being a matter of her having fun and not understanding that she is causing a problem. By stepping off the trampoline area to avoid running into the other children and to catch her breath.

Because she was in the wrong place. And laughed at the coach who told her to bounce. So, of course, my daughter responded with laughter. Because it sounded like a fun invitation. 

Instead of it being apparently an admonition.



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May. 1st, 2010 06:59 am (UTC)
Self-important people should never work with children.
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